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  • CLD88sp An integrated system for spirometry and nitric oxide analysis.
  • In and expiratory analysis of NO concentration
  • Simultaneous measurement of spirometric values
  • Waveform analysis of exhalation
  • Non invasive detection of lung inflamation
  • Verification of NO therapy
  • Neonatal and adult application
  • CLD 88 Fast and precise measurement of nitric oxide in the parts per trillion range. The optional liquid purge vessel enables the measurement of nitric oxide, nitrite, nitrate or nitrosothiols in most biological fluids.
  • Analysing of gas samples in any environment down to ppt range
  • Liquid samples in combination with the purge vessel down to picomole
  • Exhaled nitric oxide analysis in combination with the optional flow measurement (ANALYSER CLD 88 sp)
  • Denox 88 The DENOX 88 module supports the CLD series NO analysers to perform single and multiple breath test.
  • Single breath FENO test for cooperative adult patients
  • Single breath FENO test for cooperative infant patients
  • Multiple breath FENO test for non cooperative patients,
  • e.g. neonates
  • ExhalyzerD A unique system for continuous, simultaneous measurement and display of various pulmonary function parameters on pediatrics and adult patients.