ANNOx EXHALYZERD Pulmonary function testing system





ExhalyzerD Specifications





Main features:

A unique system for continuous, simultaneous measurement and display of various pulmonary function parameters on pediatrics and adult patients.

The combination of flow, volume and pressure measurement with optional modules for:

  • Capnography,
  • Oximetry,
  • Exhaled nitric oxide and airway occlusion (lung mechanics) facilitates an integrated assessment of the patient.
  • Analogue data ports are available to meet even the requirements of research facilities and university hospitals.
  • Resistance and compliance measurement (Shutter)

EXHALYZER D, designed for highest expectations.

The new digital ultrasonic Flow Meter:

Digital, a synonym for highest precision. The patented ultrasonic transit-time measurement technique, a benchmark in precise flow and volume measurement, enters the 2100 century.

The sampling frequency of 200 Hz enables applications on high frequency ventilation.

Changes in the gas composition, turbulence, humidity or temperature of the respiratory flow do not influence the accuracy of measured flow and volume.

Exchangeable dead space reducers guarantee always highest resolution for the measurement and adaptation to the patient. .

“spiroWare!” with “Add on Tools”:

The PC based software-package of the EXHALYZERD, which allows the operator to measure and record data obtained during tidal breathing or for one selected breath cycle of the patient.

On the basis of standard or user specified criteria the software selects the most suitable data set and displays graphics combined with patient data.

Pre-programmed records in accordance to ATS / ERS standards or custom specific recording may be used for patient history record, validation of medical treatment, and screening.

The spiroWare software program with it’s “Add on Tools” enables easy data exchange due to HTML and EXCEL data format.