ANNOx CLD 88 sp (FeNO Test) Chemiluminescence Analyser




CLD 88 sp

CLD 88 sp specifications

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With the publication of the ATS and ERS recommendations1, measurements of exhaled nitric oxide have become an easy, reliable and quantifiable method to detect airway inflammation.

The extremely high sensitivity and fast response time of the NO-analyser combined with the very low dead space and large flow meter range allow the use of this system even on neonates.

The instrument is designed for continuous, simultaneous measurement and display of NO values, flow rate and volume of the in- and exhalation.

The instrument fulfills the ATS and ERS recommendation for single and multiple breath test (FeNO) and nasal NO measurement.

Ease of use and the open concept guarantee flexibility for standard applications as well as scientific research.

The optional DENOX 88 module supplies NO free air and controls the expiratory flow during the single breath test.

The unique combination of nitric oxide measurement and spirometer opens up new horizons in the pulmonary function testing. The leading edge measurement enables early detection of airway inflammation as well as therapy control after drug delivery. The application ranges from neonates to adults, single and multiple breath testing. The instrument may be used for any measurement where NO can be detected in gases.

The The flexible concept of the ANALYSER CLD 88 sp
enables future hard and software upgrades as well as easy adaptation for scientific research applications.

The optional DENOX 88 module supplies the required NO free air to the patient. The integrated adaptive flow control enables even pre-school kids to perform the ATS / ERS recommended single breath test. For non-cooperative patients the instrument offers the multiple breath test and a continuous flow of NO free air to reduce the work of breathing.

Selectable sample flow rate and reusable dead space reducer (DSR) enables the measurement even on neonates.

The new software package SPIROWAREŽ 3.0 allows easy data collection and analysis. The printable report is in accordance with the ATS / ERS recommendation and may be adapted to custom specific needs.

Low yearly maintenance costs, integrated test software, local service and standard calibration gas guarantee economic and low running costs during the lifetime of the instrument.

1. ATS/ERS Recommendations for Standardized Procedures for the Online and Offline Measurement of Exhaled Lower Respiratory Nitric Oxide and Nasal Nitric Oxide, 2005; ATS Board of Directors, December 2004, and by the ERS Executive Committee, June 2004
  • A single FeNO-system for infants, children and adults
  • Single as well as multiple breath testing
  • Real time and offline measurements with automatic plateau detection
  • Nasal FeNO analysis
  • Airway inflammation Management

  • Single breath test for cooperative patients (single breath children and adult FeNO)
  • Multiple breath test for non cooperative
  • patients, e.g. neonates (multiple breath FeNO)
  • Nasal NO-production (nasal NO)
  • Alveolar FeNO calculation (optional)
  • Offline – measurements