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The SUPREME Line instruments are top of the range of Chemiluminescence Detectors (CLD) from ECO PHYSICS.
Find the best solution for your application.

Nowadays, the user interface has to be simple and self explanatory. You either get to choose the measurement curve or values to be displayed on the screen or transmit them continuously. Additional functions include: accessing stored data, status, temperature and pressure conditions, errors and warnings and much more.

The front panel can be tilted allowing optimal readability as well as accessing a USB port – the easiest way to transfer stored data to a memory stick. Hidden behind the tiltable front is a removable filter package as the main consumable – with focus on user friendly maintenance.

cld81 display
Clearly structured graphic touch screen display
 Big touch keys for the selection of parameters

Providing analytical precision and measurement accuracy requires considerable engineering and inventing skills. Hence its compact construction the analyzer offers outstanding characteristics. Due to a newly developed pump all components of the chemiluminescence detector fit into the carefully designed housing.

Numerous interfaces for gases, electrical signals and computers

The measurement ranges of carefully configured CLDs cover up to a factor of five decimal powers. Introducing CLD SUPREME, the first instrument covering an additional factor of ten to reach six decimal powers. Applications requiring high dynamic measuring range such as pre and post catalyst measurements necessitated two different analyzers. Today this task can be solved by one instrument: the CLD SUPREME.

The CLD 811
Covering measurement ranges up to 10,000 ppm and a sensitivity of 10 ppb this analyser is the ideal choice for evaluating emissions of combustion engines. But such strong performance characteristics may help for many other applications.

The CLD 899
The sensitivity specification of 10 ppt makes this model best suited for atmospheric research. With its two channels precise NO2 values are constantly available. This is the instrument of choice for the new CraNOx II system for continuous background ambient measurements.

Other SUPREME Line models
The SUPREME Line form a superior class of analytical instruments: be it as single channel versions or be it as a model with other technologies such as photo acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) for gases beyond the simple nitrogen oxides. With the unique analysers of ECO PHYSICS you will always find the best solution to investigate the nitrogen cycle on earth.

User expectations
Even if an instrument is part of a complex measurement system autonomy and transparency of the individual analyser are imperatively required. This has started the success of touch screens, which have become a standard for user interfaces. It combines attractive information presentation with interactive flexibility. Beyond the user expects a powerful tool, which does not only cover the present requirement but anticipates upcoming trends as an investment into the future.

Standards and regulations
The automotive industry copes with regulations, which are in effect for 50 years and are in the process to be tightened further. These standards are no longer applicable only to cars, but to combustion engines in general. In this respect the International Maritime Organization (IMO) puts a lot of effort to enforce sustainable operation of ship diesel in international waters. Created upon these standards ECO PHYSICS developed the CLD SUPREME.
  • Colour touch screen
    for simple user interface
    and control
  • One or two channel CLD
    with integrated pump
  • Tabletop or
    rack mount version
  • Front panel can be
    hinged for access
    and better readability
  • USB connector for
    extracting stored data
  • Hidden filter package
    can be easily exchanged

  • Nitrogen
    containing gases
    • NO
    • NO2
    • NOX
    • NH3
  • Car manufacturer
  • Ship diesel
  • Engine development
  • Catalysts
  • Fossil fuels
    and lubricants
  • Quality control