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When decimals are decisive.

The CLD 88 Y fulfils the requirements of many research laboratories specialising in detecting and monitoring smallest variations of NO concentrations in split seconds.

By choosing the option p this analyser is an excellent tool in ambient level measurement station Unique calibration by pressing a button!

In order to assure reliability of its results the CLD 88 Y p analyser has an automatic calibration module l for the zero level and the NO reference gas.

Calibration is quickly and automatically carried out by pressing a button on the keypad.

User friendliness is a top priority. The analyser can be operated by means of the integrated keypad or remotely from a personal computer.

The clear layout of the menu structure guides the user and enables him to take advantage of all analyser functions with simple commands.

Warning messages or malfunctions are displayed coded and in full text.

The user can adapt the operation according to his needs and applications by selection of predefined settings.
  • Compact design without any additional space required
  • Molybdenum converter for NO2 detection
  • Pre-chamber for automatic zero level calibration
  • Four freely selectable measurement ranges
  • Operation and control via keypad or personal computer
  • Optional calibration module for zero level and span gas calibration

  • Ambient monitoring in areas with excellent air quality
  • Supervision of production processes in the chemical and high technology industries
  • Permanent monitoring of clean room conditions in R & D labs
  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical research
  • Plant physiological research