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The CLD 88 ANALYSER offers fast and precise measurement of nitric oxide.The extremely high sensitivity and fast response time of the NO-analyser allows the detection of concentrations in the range of parts per trillion.

Ease of use and  the open concept guarantee flexibility for  standard applications as well as scientific research. 

The optional liquid purge vessel enables the measurement of nitric oxide, nitrite, nitrate or nitrosothiols in most biological fluids.

For more information see our  Nitrates in liquids pdf.

The easy and accurate data recording and analysis is guaranteed by using the PowerChrom™ system with software from EDAQ.

The flexible concept of the CLD 88 Analyser enables future hard and software upgrades as well as easy adaptation for scientific research applications.

When precision counts.

The CLD 88 ANALYSER is the "“gold standard"” in precision and speed for research laboratories and medical applications.

Selectable sample flows and electronically filtering enables the adaptation to various biomedical, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.

The instrument may be used for any measurement where NO can be
detected in gases.

In combination with the optional purge vessel the CLD 88 measures nitric oxide, nitrites, nitrates and nitrosothiols in biological fluids like plasma, urine and sera.

  • Fast and precise 
  • Compact design without any additional space required
  • User friendly
  • Biomedical and laboratory applications
  • Measurement of gas and liquid samples

  • Analysing of gas samples in any environment down to ppt range
  • Liquid samples in combination with the purge vessel down to picomole
  • Exhaled nitric oxide analysis in combination with the optional flow measurement (ANALYSER CLD 88 sp)