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The single channel CLD 82 S NO analyser is designed for all applications with an existing gas pre-conditioning unit to ensure quality control as well as keeping to threshold values.

The compact design fits all components, even the vacuum pump and the thermal ozone scrubber, in one single unit.

The instrument includes temperature stabilized photo multiplier and a high performance ozone generator.

Many more applications are available as options or upgrades at a later date.

Integrating the analyser in larger systems is possible by including runners in the standard chassis design.

Thanks to its completely modular interior the analyser is easy to service.

The reaction chambers can be removed for cleaning or replacement by following a few simple steps as shown in the picture.

reaction chamber

The user can choose from four measurement ranges between 5-5000 ppm.

The easy-to-read display with 2 lines of 40 characters each facilitates the gas readings and clarifies the command structure.

The analyser operates extremely reliably and with outstanding precision. Its design guarantees ease of use and a minimum of maintenance. The oil-free vacuum pump, for example, only needs to be checked once every 12 months.
  • Four freely selectable measurement ranges up to 5000 ppm NO/NOx
  • Logical user guidance
  • Operation and control via keypad or personal computer
  • Error messages coded and in full text
  • Rapid system integration
  • Virtually maintenance free even in continuous operation

  • Series checks and quality control
  • Exhaust gas control
  • Gas turbine installations
  • Boiler and burner production
  • Incinerator ovens
  • Power plants