ANNOx CLD 700 AL series Chemiluminescence Analyser





CLD 700 AL

CLD 700 AL Specifications




The CLD 700 AL is at the heart of many measurement networks for monitoring air pollution. After stingent tests with the German TÜV the instrument has proved its outstanding monitoring characteristics. Even variable parameters such as air pressure or temperature do not restrict its use.

The modular design and clearly laid out gas flow result in an instrument which is very easy to service.

The ozone scrubber, which operates thermally, needs no maintenance. If attention is needed elsewhere the instument provides clear indications, for example when the converter is exhausted. This can easily be replaced. Cleaning the reaction chambers is equally simple, only a single screw has to be loosened.

The CLD 700 AL is extemely easy to use, these state of the art instruments which support the user with a clear set of commands. For example full text error messages can be called up. The instrument is operated either via the integral keypad or remotely from a PC. Therefore all instruments include an RS-232 serial interface as standard equipment.

The CLD 700 AL is the ideal instument for monitoring outdoor air quality, either in measurement vehicles or in fixed networks, and also for monitoring indoor air in production plants and offices (TLV=threshold limit value)

monitoring map The ECO PHYSICS CRANOX systems are world leaders, giving information throughout Europe about the long range transport of nitrogen oxides.

CRANOX locations in Europe for measurements in the parts per trillion (ppt) range are shown in the overview.

  • Compact modular design
  • easy to use
  • Operation and control via keypad or personal computer
  • TÜV  approved

  • Measurement of pollutants (fixed and mbile stations)
  • Monitoring indoor air quality
  • Personnel safety TLV (threshold limit value)
  • Medical applications
  • Ambient monitoring