ANNOx Ammonia







 Products     Applications
  • PAS 87 a sub-ppb Ammonia (NH3) monitoring system dedicated to atmospheric pollution monitoring.
  • Ambient Ammonia monitoring in areas with excellent air quality – atmospheric research
  • Remote monitoring stations
  • Permanent monitoring of clean room conditions in R & D labs
  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical research
  • CLD 844 CM h measure and display NO, NO2, NOX, NH3 and the total NOX-amines!
  • Monitoring of process chemicals and gases
  • Permanent monitoring of clean room conditions
  • Process control such as photolithography, etching, etc.
  • R&D of DeNOx devices
  • The CLD 811 CM ammonia analyser is unique in its performance with a colourful touch screen display enabling easy and flexible operation. Four freely selectable ranges from 10-10,000 ppm.
  • Emissions Test Benches
  • Catalyst Development (SCR)
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Car Production
  • Exhaust Analysis
  • CLD 88 CY p measure NOx, NH3 and the total NOx-amines! It allows sequentual measurements of concentrations even in the range of parts per trillion!
  • Measurement of N-containing compounds such as NOX, NH3 and amines
  • Airquality monitoring around chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Permanent monitoring of clean room conditions in R & D labs